The Mission

To serve people who are serving others in ministry and those in need, while sharing the love of Jesus through our words and our actions. For His Glory. 

The Vision

To share the love and hope of Jesus by flying people and supplies in the Caribbean supported by the church body and businesses to help those in need.

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

Team Work Makes the Dream Work 

Help offset fuel, so that together we can keep helping others. 


The King's Wings is a Christian, non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This goal is realized through our support of existing ministries, as we utilize dedicated aircraft and volunteer pilots to transport workers, building materials, supplies and food to orphanages, youth camps, and churches in the Caribbean.

Additionally, The King's Wings is committed to the transportation of emergency workers and supplies to support hurricane relief efforts and other disasters.

Our goal is further realized through the operation of a pastor's training facility in Requena, Peru, where men from the Amazon River Basin come three times a year for week long training sessions. These men then take what they have learned back to their villages and minister the Word of God more accurately and effectively to their people.

The King’s Wings has been flying supplies and personnel to the islands of the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean for over 20 years. Our ministry started when a Missionary Pilot, Steve Ross, was returning from serving in the jungles of Peru. Starting with a borrowed single engine Cessna 182, The King’s Wings slowly grew in capacity and reach, as increasingly larger and faster twin engine aircraft were made available to the ministry. Steve went to be with the Lord on June 17th, 2003, but his vision for The King’s Wings is still being carried out today.

Today we operate a Cessena 401, a Beechcraft Baron, and a Piper Cherokee 6.