Get Involved


Let's Do This Together

If you are looking to have a purposeful impact on others

in the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean, 

here are 3 easy ways to get involved TODAY!

Pilots + Fuel + Aircraft

  • All of the pilots are volunteer

  • All funds for aircraft and fuel are donated

  • So together let's continue to serve others

Together Let's Make A Difference

Here are some ways we can partner together:

Meet specific needs in ministry.

  • Trip Preparation

  • Collecting Supplies

  • Partner for Large Kingdom Needs


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Email us about setting up a trip!

  • Work Team Trip 

  • Ministry or Organization Trip

  • Have an Aircraft and Want to Help

 Project Caravan 

Fundraising Campaign For a More Effective Aircraft

Will provide the ability to safely carry 
more people and more weight per trip using less fuel.

Help Make Doing More Possible